I’m DCP and I started this blog to challenge societal ideals and commonly held beliefs to help people lead more fulfilling lives.

There’s no debate that there’s a lot of advice kicking around out there.  But how much of this advice is actually good advice?

I’m of the firm belief that the number one factor that limits human potential is conformity.  We conform to what is conveniently impressed upon us since the day we were born.  Depending on our upbringing, this may or may not lead to conventional success, however true fulfillment (unconventional success) can only be attained when one is willing to challenge the opinions being presented to them, and begin to exercise their own judgment.

My aim isn’t to convince you to subscribe to my opinions – that’s the one thing I don’t want.  Instead it’s to inspire you to challenge the opinions of others so you start to begin to think for yourself.

I welcome healthy debate.