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I go by the initials of DCP and I’m 27 years old.  I’ve started this blog to inspire you to change your life and fulfill your potential regardless of your current situation, mental or physical conditions, negative life experiences, and most importantly, regardless of whatever mistakes you’ve made in the past.  As long as you’re alive and breathing, you have the ability to look at yourself and say “The past has brought me here, but my real life starts today.”  Your life starts the day you make the unwavering commitment to better yourself at all costs.  It won’t be easy, but one thing I can assure you is that it’s 100% within your reach.

The best way to learn is to first unlearn and then enlighten.  Everything I blog about I’ve experienced, endured and eventually learned from.  For now, I’ve chosen to go by my initials only so I can provide you with the most honest account of my life possible.  While this blog is a deep exploration of my own life, I hope the advice that I share inspires you to make the necessary changes that will lead to lasting fulfillment.  This won’t be easy… but here I go.


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